billstraße - a place of arrival and empowerment
 "to arrive = to reach a place, to come into existence, to be born, to achieve success or recognition, to reach the shore after a voyage." Oxford English Dictionary Nearly every large city nowadays has a district or quarter where foreigners or migrants form the majority. Too often, though, they are perceived as a nuisance even when only little might actually be known about the local everyday practices. As a consequence, politicians and urban planners run the risk of making uninformed decisions that have a severe impact on the lives of many. It is simply false to assume that such places are the mere sum of its parts as they, in all reality, come with great enabling powers and equip particularly migrants with various means to live an active life and, thereby, to fully arrive in countries like Germany. In general, migrants have diffeerent means to self-induce their individual arrival, Billstrasse presents itself as one option. Amidst warehouses, secondhand shops, and an overall outlandish air Billstrasse provides what is missing in the urban fabric. You might have heard from it, many people in Hamburg have not. It forms a place of arrival and empowerment and as such, we propose, it should form the basis for further decision making in future urban developments.